sorcha cribben-merrill

Sorcha Cribben-Merrill is a singer-songwriter hailing from Maine who composes stirring folk-blues-soul music. She sings in a sultry, jazzy voice of unexpected power. From haunting ballads to funk grooves, her songs unveil “a suite of musical styles that shows a wide-ranging songwriting ability. . . witty verses with smart rhymes.” (Portland Phoenix)

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Women Who Need Donuts Retreat - with Vanessa Bresson - Scarborough, ME

Based on my book, "Women Who Need Donuts" this is a retreat to EAT, talk about love, life, embracing our cravings and giving ourselves the delicious life that we want. Get your feet rubbed & listen to killer live music. This is a retreat all about letting go! Nothing to figure out, nothing to "work on." Just indulge. Food, wine, donuts, foot rubs, music. Book also included. Ahhhhhhhhh......

Leigh Kellis: Organizer of Women Who Need Donuts retreat series
Founder of The Holy Donut in Maine, my mission is to encourage women to eat with gusto, honor our appetite and give to ourselves what we crave. I did (I was craving donuts!) and it turned into a business that employs many and brings me great joy.

TIX: | 207.266.1261 | portland, maine